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Naturally Lindy Skincare

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Great Skin Care from Naturally Lindy
One of the first things people see when they meet you is your face; and your face is so telling about your life. Whether you sleep well, or not, eat well, or not, your face doesn't lie.

Fortunately for me, mine does.

While a big part of it is my genes and another part is what I put into my body, my permanent glow is thanks to Naturally Lindy skincare.
Naturally Lindy Face Wash and Fruit Tonic
I first discovered Naturally Lindy Skincare almost a year ago when they gifted me a their Aloe Facial Wash.  Their facial wash is a non-soap cleanser that I have been using morning and night before I tone, treat and moisturize my skin.

For someone that goes from burning easily (hello LA sun!), to being highly sensitive to most anything that touches my skin, using Naturally Lindy's facial wash was just what my skin needed to ready itself for the skincare products I use.

But while my face shows very few signs of aging, it needed some "umph," and the glow that screams "healthy."

Being the amazing person and professional that she is, Lindy could tell from the few photos I posted and asked me to stop by her beauty boutique to enjoy a healing facial with promises of getting my face in tip-top shape.
Naturally Lindy's Cellular Day Cream
While excited to get my glow back, I was also excited to try out the entire Naturally Linda skincare line during my personalized healing facial with Lindy, the founder of Naturally Lindy.

During my private one-hour session, Lindy analyzed my skin, asked me about my lifestyle and how I took care of my skin. She was thorough as she extracted my whiteheads (thank God for NO blackheads), and explained what each product was being used for and the benefit before she applied it to my skin. Each would work well with each other, but at the same time would maximize the results of whatever product I already had at home.

Each product smelled even more heavenly than the one prior, but the better part? Instead of walking around with a red face (due to allergies or a tough facialist) after my healing facial, my skin was glowing - and has been since adding more Naturally Lindy skincare products to my daily skincare routine.

I have since found out that Naturally Lindy skincare give you a glow from the inside out because it's actually healing your skin as you use it, just like Lindy's healing facials.
Healing Facials from Naturally Lindy
Like most real people, Lindsey had some skin issues early in her life, which became the inspiration to develop Naturally Lindy skincare products. 

When she couldn't find an answer or any help to get rid of her acne, she went to school to attain her aesthetician license to learn how to heal her own skin. She then continued to study and obtain certifications in nutrition, reflexology, and kinesiology and used emerging scientific evidence about the healing properties of natural ingredients, with a special emphasis on Aloe Vera, that Lindy sources from a leading aloe farm to give birth to Naturally Lindy. 
Naturally Lindy All Purpose Scrub

Try the Entire Naturally Lindy Line

Since my facial with Lindy, I have updated my skincare routine to add a few more Naturally Lindy skincare products; and, while I'm a huge fan of the Naturally Lindy skincare line as a whole, there's a few products that I can't do without, including:

The entire Naturally Lindy Line of Skin Care
If you live in LA, I invite you to stop by Naturally Lindy's Facebook Page and 
schedule a Healing Facial to try out the Naturally Lindy skincare line. 

For my friends that live outside of LA, stop by the Naturally Lindy website to learn more about the best skin care routine -for you- to get your skin healthy...and glowing!

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