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2016, 2017 and Beyond

Colorado River
I hope your 2017 started off beautifully and that you're ready to continue on this wonderful journey called life. As for me, I was in Sedona, Arizona to toast the new year with my husband and Maya.

Being in a place with so much tranquility gave me the space to analyze 2016 and create a mental guidebook of what I want my 2017 to be. First by letting go of faulty beliefs, then by recommitting to my goals.

Changes didn't happen overnight but 2017 became a clear page in my book of life when my husband asked me "What did you learn in 2016?"

"So, so, much..." I answered.

These are just a few of those nuggets I shared with him on New Year's Eve...

I am smarter and stronger than I believe myself to be. 
I don't have to dimish myself to make others comfortable or spend time with people that 
make me doubt my true nature.

I don't have to struggle to have what I want and deserve in life, 
but it doesn't mean it will come easy. 

I don't have to love everyone, like everyone, or be nice to everyone. 
But I have to remember that what I put out will come back to me in some way, shape or form.

My most important relationship is with myself, followed by the relationship I have with you - 
my husband. 
Real friends and loving family understand and support this.

It's OK to have different groups of people and friends in my life. 
They don't all have to connect, meet or share the same interests with me.

I have found that Millenials aren't as dumb and entitled as people make them out to be.  
By contrast, I have found that older folks aren't as smart or hard-working as people think they are.

I learned that the more folks share or humblebrag on social, the lonelier they are. 
I try not to get dragged into their space unless I have the energy to spare. 
Most of the time I don't.

There's a difference between venting and gossiping. 
Everyone needs to vent in a safe place, but not everyone understands the difference.

I am a combination of the five people I spend the most time with. 
I need to choose wisely and let go of those that don't add to my marriage, life, or career.

I'm allowed to pursue my life passions, but no one is obligated to support me in that journey.

I should continue to be loyal and thankful to those that are loyal and thankful to me. 
But it's OK to move away from those that aren't. 
Unfortunately, many people that I will come across in my lifetime won't be.

As much as I want to help people see the light, some people like living in the dark. 
I need to let it be.

I am allowed to have opinions and a voice, as unpopular as they may be.

I can hold on to grudges, or I can let things go.
I can take things personally, or let them slide.
I can judge and or have strong opinions, or I can be apathetic.
But at the end of the day, NO ONE can tell me how to feel or deal with MY life or MY feelings.

My friends might disagree, but they will always celebrate & support me and my journey.


And the most important lesson I learned in 2016 that I will take with me in 2017 was...

My life is best lived under my own terms.
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  1. I love all of your lessons. I love the way you wrote them out. It is true art. Thank you for sharing your discoveries of self because as I read them, I remember, that I too have a similar journey. Letting go of what no longer serves me, setting new goals, and committing to them! Here's to an amazing 2017!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so glad that I've inspired you to remember how strong and amazing you are. Three cheers for an amazing 2017 to you :)


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