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My Memory

I have a good memory.

I remember everyone that was by my side in the very beginning of anything; and, anyone that has hired or believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself.

I remember the loyal ones.
The behind-the-scenes ones.
The real ones.

The ones that I am lucky to call my friends.
My colleagues.
And sometimes my clients.

But I also do my part so they remember me...
I work hard.
Do good work.
Pride myself in my loyalty.

Most importantly, I'm also grateful to a fault because at the end of the day I appreciate each and every one of those people.

On the flipside, I also remember the screw ups.
The users.
And the ingrates that come across my life.

It's hard not to.

To those that say, "move on," I say:

You haven't been up late at night fixing someone's mistakes.
Kept a straight face when someone puts your business on the line.
Or been called by a client when a former colleague tries to steal your business.
Or made introductions upon introductions only to be ignored when you needed a hand up.

I have...if my memory serves me right.

*Excerpt from my 4/18/17 Facebook Post
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