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Brunch with Writers and Filmmakers

Shortly after WGA screenwriters fired their agents in droves, a wonderful thing happened: #WGASolidarityChallenge and #WGAStaffingBoost.

It was incredible to bear witness to hundreds, if not thousands, of film fans, come together to support the WGA wordsmiths that created the souls of some of their favorite stories.

A few weeks in, and I'm happy to report that WGA screenwriters sans agents are doing just fine. Many are getting meetings. Others are getting staffed. Work is getting done.

While some of the #PreWGA crowd, including myself, has found a community to share in their frustration and ask: What do we do now?

It's literally been a conversation that many of us have had with not just other writers, but our fellow filmmakers and even businesses that we frequent, like Caulfield's Beverly Hills.

Out of this conversation, that could have been just as easily discarded like any other small talk that happens in LA, Caulfield's did the exact opposite and offered a space, a time, a menu, for all writers to connect... and I'm happy to support community and invite you to join in solidarity and brunch with fellow filmmakers, writers, whether WGA or PreWGA.

Menu and RSVP details below:

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