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Exploring Racism and Christianity in my Newest Film: "Meet Kenny"

A few years back I used to share my thoughts left and right anywhere I could regarding politics, religion and social inequalities.

Facebook, I have come to find out, has saved all these "memories"...that were, in retrospect, a bit more dignified that the current social media chatter embraced by armchair activists during this election season.
But like today's social activists, many of my thoughts, feelings and points of view, didn't make too much of a dent fixing the social issues that matter to me. (otherwise we wouldn't be sitting knee deep into the most embarrassing election season in recent history)

But that is why visual media is so important and one of the many reasons I went back to school: to write, produce, and direct films like "Meet Kenny."

“Meet Kenny” is a film that was inspired by many people I know and the lives they are currently living.  They are people that preach loving one another, but that one another doesn't include people of color - regardless of how well dressed, cultured, educated and successful -we- are.

Meet Kenny from Ana Lydia Monaco on Vimeo.

People like those portrayed in my film are our well-intentioned friends, family, coworkers and neighbors...and they need to see this film.

Because before we decide on who to vote for, and more importantly, who to love, we need to remember that we can't judge others simply on the basis of their skin color, race or ethnicity.

Ana Lydia
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