Ana Lydia is a born and bred Angelino by way of the San Fernando Valley. She spent her childhood summers and five years in Mexico where she quickly learned that she was too American to be Mexican. The irony being that she was also too Mexican to be American. 

The duality of her bicultural upbringing shaped her teenage years and was a harsh homecoming gift when she returned to the USA to finish her middle and high school education. Uninterested with school life, Ana Lydia became obsessed with foreign cinema, Grace Kelly, English literature, and 1940's fashion. 

To make sense of the valley, her strict Mexican parents, and the heat of the San Fernando Valley, she used paintbrushes to create surrealist realities that made more sense in her teenage mind. When the colors and textures didn't quite match what was in her head, she began writing short stories, plays, and eventually graduated with a degree in Marketing. 

A natural storyteller, Ana Lydia established herself as a leading multicultural communications strategist telling her clients stories, writing PSAs, and directing program campaigns. When the stories she could tell about her corporate clients began to be limited by their budget, she started the blog "Cabeza de Coco,” a Spanish play on words about her reality: brown on the outside and white on the inside.  READ MORE...


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"We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live" - Joan Didion