Filmmaking & Screenwriting

You. Me. Us. from Ana Lydia Monaco on Vimeo.

Awards & Recognitions

1st Round Screenwriting Finalist - Women in Film

Top 25 Finalist - The Blcklist & Go90 Screenwriting Contest

Creative Outsiders - Shortie of the Week

Classes & Training

Acting for Directors - Natalija Nogulich
Cinematography - Mark Woods
Directing - Bobby Roth | Matia Karrell | David Kellogg
Editing - Dario Di Claudio
Line Producing - Tara Craig
Post Production - Howard Heard
Screenwriting - Bonnie Garvin | Doug Eboch | Paul Guay | Joy Kecken

Creative Writing
Film History (U.S. and International)
Writing & Producing Short Form Media

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