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Hate Won't Win

I've been going back and forth on whether or not I should say anything about our current political climate. Mostly because I have made my site politics-free...and I plan on keeping it that way. 

But I have to say something because Hate Won't Win!...

Make no mistakes, while my life is a bit traditional to some degree, my personal convictions stand unapologetically on the "liberal" side. 

I believe that everyone is equal and deserving to be safe and loved.  

As a dark-skinned daughter of Mexican immigrants with Jewish ancestry that somewhere along my family lines we forgot, I know what it's like to be different. 

A little of who I am together with a lot of the ugly I now see, guides my personal life mission to stand up against the hate and divisiveness that we are now living through.

To that end, this space will continue to focus on the superficial things of the world that make us smile, while my Facebook and Twitter feed will share news, updates, and calls to action. Now and forever.

Injustices will not silence me. I just can't turn things off...and don't plan to.

My hope is that you too have the courage to make the right choices and to fight for what is right. Because in the end I truly believe that love will trump hate as long as those of us that stand with love continue to speak up.
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