Los Angeles Food Bowl Mesamérica & DFiesta

¡Finalmente ha llegado! 

The Los Angeles Times Food Bowl, a month-long celebration of LA's food and people, is back for its third year and kicks-off with its Mesamérica & DFiesta events scheduled for April 30th..

Mesamérica, the first incarnation of Mexican Chef Enrique Olvera's celebrated symposium to be held outside of Mexico, is being held at the Million Dollar Theatre. The symposium will explore the culinary and cultural interconnectedness of Mexico City and Los Angeles, while celebrating the sister cities' 50-year anniversary. 

Following Mesamérica L.A., the DFiesta progressive party will take place next door at  Grand Central Market where most of the market will feature for-purchase chef collaborations, roving Mariachi band. 

Guests will enjoy food Collaborations by: Ditroit (Olvera’s forthcoming L.A. taqueria) x China Cafe, Don Vergas Mariscos (Mexico City) x The Oyster Gourmet (featuring Sanctuary Oysters by Sol Azul), Los Panchos (Mexico City) x Sari Sari Store and Petty Cash Taqueria, Guerrilla Tacos, and Horse Thief BBQ. The evening event ends with Mexico City-inspired merriment at La Cita.

Tickets for Mesamérica L.A. are $35 each, while Mesamérica L.A. + DFiesta tickets are $85 each.
Following Mesamérica L.A. and DFiesta, the Los Angeles Food Bowl will continue to celebrate the city’s dynamic food scene, chefs and restaurants that have helped put Los Angeles on the map, along with rare local appearances by internationally renowned chefs.  

Los Angeles Food Bowl activities include Things in a Bowl, Brunch & Lunch, Classes, Markets & Tours, Cocktails & Canapes, Exclusive Dinners & Dishes, Giveback, Kids in the Kitchen, Panels & Talks, Pop-Ups & Parties, and Test Kitchen.

For additional information and festival updates, visit Connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @LAfoodbowl (#LAfoodbowl #31daysoffood)

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    Grand Central's such a fun market to visit, too.


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