Recognizing the importance of the often taboo subject of weight bias in the medical community, the National Women's Health Network partners & endorses the independent short film, LOLA.

LOLA is a story about an issue not often seen in diversity discussions – sizeism. By tackling this underserved issue, Writer/Director/Producer Ana Lydia Monaco exposes how overweight people are treated by both the medical industry and society at large. This groundbreaking partnership will allow viewers of the film to reach out and share their own stories of weight bias and will offer resources and tools to assist with best practices as well as the opportunity to elevate the more egregious cases of discrimination. 

“We’re thrilled to be working with Ana Lydia Monaco, and to amplify the message of her film,” said NWHN Executive Director Cynthia A. Pearson. “The story of LOLA is right in line with our core messaging, which is to advocate and support improved women’s health care. This film will help a lot of our members and anyone who taps into our online tools.”

Shot during July 2020 in the midst of COVID-19, LOLA has gained notable traction as the little indie film that could – the 15-minute short has received exposure and accolades for shooting safely during the middle of the pandemic, and also for highlighting issues around discrimination against people of size, particularly woman of color. Media coverage includes Authority Magazine, Chicana Inc, Hollywood the Sequel, National Dutch Newspaper (NRC), and Women in Hollywood, among others. 

Marking a new wave of character-driven cause-focused films that aim to tackle diversity in all aspects of filmmaking, LOLA boasts an inclusive cast and crew of LatinX, Black, Asian and Queer creatives. Together with Museworks, Ana Lydia Productions raised $20k through a three-phased crowdfunding approach using a spectrum of outreach, including Facebook, Twitter, and Seed & Spark. 

“Lola’s story could be anyone’s story,” said Monaco. “There are still unseen acts of discrimination that we need to really see, and the more we expose what’s happening, the more people see their own experiences in this film.”

About the National Women’s Health Network

The National Women’s Health Network (NWHN) was founded in Washington, DC, in 1975 to change the conversation about women’s health. With the mission to advocate for and support a just health system that reflects the needs of all women, NWHN focuses on improving the health of all women by developing and promoting a critical analysis of health issues in order to affect policy and support consumer decision-making. To ensure its independence as a trusted voice on women's health, the NWHN does not accept financial support from the pharmaceutical industry, medical device manufacturers, or insurance companies, and is supported by a national membership of thousands of individuals. 


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