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Filling my Home with Music

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Picture of Maya, our dog

As a storyteller, I'm always looking for ways to get inspired and motivated. But when creation happens in between life, school, and everything else that gets thrown my way, it's hard to stay or get in the mood.

Several of my friends recommended that I listen to music to get focused. And, while I love my earphones,  I like to feel music when I'm home.

I also like to pace and move from room to room, to think, get recentered, and sometimes find the words that weren't pouring onto the screen. Using our stereo in one room and my computer in another, I was in a catch 22: I need music, but I also need to pace.

Moving to and fro different rooms made me lose my focus once the music that was helping me get centered in one room, was impossible to hear in another. That, and, Maya was always chasing me around trying to figure out when I would just stand around talking to myself...

Then I discovered the Google Chromecast Audio.

Google Chromecast Audio

The Google Chromecast Audio is a small device that plugs into digital speakers (or to your receiver if you have standard speakers like I do), to stream music from your favorite APP's through your home WiFi.

The best part about the Google Chromecast Audio is that you can group Chromecast audio devices together so you can listen to the same song on multiple speakers in different rooms in your home.

Cellphone using Google Chromecast Audio

Google Chromecast Audio was very simple to set-up on our receiver by using 1/8 plug to stereo RCA cable and directly onto our digital speaker in our office. Once installed, both my hubby and I downloaded the Google Home APP on our smartphones and tablets to stream music from Pandora, iHeartRadio, NPR, Spotify and Google Play Music via WiFi.

While Google Chromecast Audio doesn't support iTunes, Google Play Music grabs the iTunes library and loads it into the Google cloud automatically. Once in the cloud, songs in the iTunes library can be played with Google Chromecast Audio.

Maya following me from room to room

We also found is that streaming music with our WiFi produced a higher quality uncompressed sound that doesn't drop out.- which is a huge plus for my audiophile husband.

But the best part? 

Being able to move around my home and listen to the same music no matter what room I'm in.
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  1. I have regular Chromecast but I had no idea about this product! Thank you!

    1. It's the niftiest little gadget - we're so in love with it!


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