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I appreciate your interest in the Lifestyle Bloggers Collective (#LLBlog on Social Media), 
the first curated community exclusively for Lifestyle Bloggers.

I founded the collective in 2011 to meet the needs of the growing professional Lifestyle Blogging community and developed our wildly successful series of Lifestyle Bloggers National Conferences to provide training and resources to develop the talent of the Lifestyle Blogging community. We have since spearheaded unique campaigns and partnerships with brands that embrace our member base and our social influence.

With extensive brand and agency collaborations under our belt, we boast more than 2,000 LGBTA, heterosexual, married and single, mothers, fathers and pet parents, professional Lifestyle Bloggers located in all corners of the world that are passionate about:
  • Art/Culture/Literature
  • Crafting/DIY
  • Design/Decor/Architecture
  • Entertainment/Music
  • Fashion/Beauty
  • Food/Cooking
  • Tech/Gaming
  • Travel
  • and other Lifestyle topics
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